Teach Me Square Foot Gardening is your local resource for becoming acquainted with Square Foot Gardening (SFG) following the methods and principles taught by Mel Bartholemew in The All New Square Foot Gardening book.

Teach Me SFG aims to educate and empower the communities of Southeast Michigan to utilize Square Foot Gardening techniques for social action, self-sufficiency, and community outreach.

Teach Me SFG offers one-hour introductory and three-hour workshop courses in the methods of SFG. The links in the right column of this site will lead you to upcoming classes. If there is a required registration, you will find that information along with the listing or in the separate “registration page.”

We also offer personal consultation, garden setup and building, and acquisition of the materials needed for your own Square Foot Garden.

Please feel free to visit the blog for information on Square Foot Gardening, demonstration, videos, and musings on all things gardening, especially Square Foot Gardening!