How are you saving money on your garden this year?

February 23, 2013 — 1 Comment

If you are a hobbyist, or have any kind of zeal for what it is you plan to do next, you might find that you can get in over your head fast! This is especially true with gardening projects. After spending some time preparing my own garden beds, arranging new community gardens at an elementary, municipal site, and various other customers, I sure was overwhelmed. With the expansion of just a few beds, more compost, and other additions to the garden, we spent a couple grand easy.

This year, I will not be doing that again. It has been useful spending the last two years locating materials and developing a local economy for things to build more beds, add compost, or even trade plants and seeds. This year, our new garden beds will be out of old pallets.


Free and ready to go!

Things that have helped us greatly:

  1. Check industrial complexes/subdivisions for old pallets being thrown out. Be sure to check ahead, some places re-sell them, and stealing is not good. Explaining to a police officer that it is for your garden just isn’t going to work!
  2. Check Craigslist or FreeCycle for used, free, and low-cost materials. You would be surprised what people throw out. There is also the casual cruise around the neighborhood on garbage night. No shame in my game baby!
  3. Ask your friends and neighbors for leftover building supplies, and don’t forget to check the reject bins at home improvement stores.

What are you doing this year to save money on your gardening project?



A husband, father, social worker, and disciple of Jesus Christ, James has been Square Foot Gardening since 2011. Being an avid row-gardener and desiring to become more self-sufficient for his family's needs, the Square Foot Method has become his default way of raising produce. A certified instructor with the Square Foot Gardening Foundation, James educates through introductory and hands-on workshops for the communities of Southeastern Michigan.

One response to How are you saving money on your garden this year?

  1. Manure & other soil amendments are sooooo expensive so I’m happy that we’re able to compost our own scraps for free!

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