Services Offered

Teach Me SFG offers much more than just classes or workshops. We also offer garden services as well. Specializing in garden construction and setups, the possibilities are never limited. We will work with you and your imagination to make your new Square Foot Garden just right.

Table-Top Square Foot Gardens – We will construct and install a Table-Top, self-contained, raised-bed garden on legs for easy access. Heights and sizes are up to you. These bTabletops with Hoop Houseseds are suitable for all kinds of people. Whether you have a back ache, or are in a wheelchair, table-tops are very convenient. They are also a great way to eliminate that cute little rabbit who keeps eating your carrots problem too. Prices vary according to setup and material selection.

Ground-level Square Foot Gardens – These beds are a common site in many retail stores. However, tGround level SFGhey are not a Square Foot Garden without a grid! We will construct and install ground-level setups for your new backyard Square Foot Garden. These beds include weed barrier,and your choice of chicken wire or hardware cloth to protect your plants from ground predators. Prices vary according to setup and material selection.

“Myown” Garden Mix - Teach Me SFG’s very own mix of vermiculite, peat, and organic/natural fertilizers completely compatible with the Square Compatible with SFGFoot Gardening method. No weeds, no tilling, no kidding. You will have the perfect soil right from the get go, and enjoy wonderful harvests all season long. Sold by the cubic foot. Prices vary with availability of ingredients.

Please contact us if you have any requests, or would like to place an order.